Mens and Womens Welding Caps and Do-rags

A little bit about me :-)
I will start with ..I am a true Floridian (5th) generation (yes we are an endangered species) and the youngest of three. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother , my Son is a Ironworker/Nuke Welder and my Daughter is a Physicians assistant.  
Some History ....... My childhood ... well that was the 70's , No Internet, Social Media, Video Games, Computers, Cell Phones... A time when we used our imagination and creativity to entertain ourselves . And if your were lucky your mom had a sewing room . A room filled with fabric , thread , bias tape , Rick rack, lace, patterns , sewing machines and the the ironing board was always up and ready for work .
Needless to say I never missed a trip to the fabric store in which I helped in the process of picking out the patterns, fabrics, buttons etc. for my Sunday dresses.
When my mom was sewing, I was there sorting/matching buttons, thread , bias tape , patterns and fabric.... OH MY FABRIC !!!
Then I could step outside into the garage and it was a whole different world .... Oil , Grease, Grime , Shop Rags, tools and toolboxes , auto parts, buckets of Bolts, Welders, air compressors, grinders, vices, jack stands, motor stands , torches, stacks of plate, channel, and dad's 68' Camaro drag car ...even burnt rubber marks on the driveway !! Basically everything in the garage but the family car .
And to this day my parents home is pretty much the same way.
Moms Sewing Room + Sewing Cottage/Sewing School !
Dad's Garage !
Funny how those carried on into my adult life.....

Burn Rod Caps was started as a little something to do and a way to get my daily sewing fix. But most of all a new reason to buy more FABRIC :-)

In the beginning I thought that I would be able to have caps made up in advance but with the extremely fast growth and with so many request for custom sizes . I felt there is greater need for custom fit caps rather than premade caps . At first I was able to make and ship caps within 3 days but that changed quickly to a shipping time of 30-50 Business Days. Yes this may seem long but I am only one Person :-).
In all honesty I am not going to say I want to provide the best fitting cap or the most comfortable, because in reality everybody is different and has their own style , personality ,opinions and we don't have the same shaped heads !!

So my goal is to offer:
1. A cap style that did not replicate the caps that the other top handmade cap producers we're offering -- out of respect to them .
2. Offer premium prints, rare prints, custom designed prints, exclusive prints and special request.
3. To use a wide variety of decorative stitching and embroidery.
4. To keep a steady flow of new designs being added to the BRC collection.

Burn Rod Caps can be found on Instagram - burnrodcaps
There you can see weekly updates of new fabrics , customer photos, cap photos and the occasional shop dog photo .

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to helping you with any cap needs that you may have.

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